Why use Standard Gutter Guard

Standard Gutter Guard is a fourth generation product designed and manufactured in Washington State. Through years of development, testing, and proving, this design became one of the most easily installed, functional, and affordable stainless steel gutter guards on the market today. This process involved the gathering of information from hundreds of customers that have used our earlier products and then allowed us to apply some of those ideas to help make this new product the best on the market.

This versatility of this product to work with so many different styles and sizes of gutters and roofs hasn’t been attempted with a stainless steel product. A key feature is the flexible, yet highly durable aluminum body that installs less than a ¼” recessed below the lip of the gutter. This almost invisible, non intrusive design allows it to function in even the hardest of rain storms.


The base of Standard Gutter Guard is comprised of .019” aluminum supplied from Alsco Metals Corporation and is made of 92.08% recycled aluminum. It is made from the same material as downspouts and has the same manufacturer material warranty.

The stainless steel screen is purchased from McNichols Company in Washington State. The steel mesh is comprised of a 304 alloy, square weave, 30 mesh, .012” wire, and with .0213” openings. Essentially, this screen was specifically chosen because the holes are small enough to keep out roof granules, pine needles, and any larger debris from entering the gutters. However, the holes are large enough to allow pollen and bio-organic material to pass through and flush out the gutter system.



Standard Gutter Guard is produced using the roll forming method. Roll forming is ideal for producing constant profile parts with long lengths and a consistent outcome. The stainless steel screen is held in place to the solid aluminum substrate using pittsburgh seams. There is no glue, pins, or caulking used in the production of Standard Gutter



We are a highly skilled team with years of gutter installation, manufacturing and product design experience. Our goal is to bring a gutter protection product to market that above all functions reliable, is simple to install and affordable.

Standard Gutter Guard is a stainless steel mesh combined with a coated aluminum substrate. The coated aluminum is louvered for maximum water flow, then formed around the stainless in a continuous roll forming process. The proven reliability of the roll forming process allows us to manufacture Standard Gutter Guard at a higher quality and quantity with few discrepancies.

Solid aluminum construction with seamed in stainless steel mesh for proven reliability. The Standard Gutter Guard System by Rain Gutter Pros has been manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure a quality product.

Standard Gutter Guard has a 5 year “No Clog, No Overflow” warranty that is backed by Rain Gutter Pros, LLC. Consult the actual warranty for complete coverage details